Good Morning !!!

Hey guys, Sorry I’ve been wrote in a minute…. been busy trying to find things to do around the house…. So what I found was a pen pal groups called Foodie Pen Pal and Bakin’ Friends…. 

              Well Foodie Pen Pal is a group of people all over the states, who put together a food goodies pack for each other. You get pair up with a different partner by the 6th of each other and you have until the 15th to mail out your packet to them… I’m a homemade type of women so I made a bit of goodies for her…. I can’t wait to see what she sends me….

 For Bakin’s Friends: You get a secret ingredient each month and a partner on the 5th. So the rules are you have to bake with the secret ingredient, spent your pair  some of what u made and  share the recipe . Ship it out before the end of the month so like as soon as you bake it , ship it. This month’s secret ingredient was Candy Corn… Believe me I was like really Candy Corn, so I made so White Chocolate Candy Corn Cookies and Autumn Corn( which was melted candy corns which other stuff poured over light butter Popcorn and baked in the over ) I will gave you guys the recipes today and share pictures too.


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