My obsession with Hummus:)


Good Morning Everyone,

How’s your Monday going ? Monday is clean up day in my house! Just doing laundry, cleaning the bathroom and going throw paper work. My hubby and the girls are at work and school so its all quiet around these parts. So anyways, I took the girls to our local farmer’s market on Saturday, which is something We love to doing on Saturdays. We get juice from the Juice Lady, strawberries, oranges, and some vegetables from some of the venders, trying all the samples of the morning, head over to the honey man to get the girls plain honey sticks, straight to the old town bread man for that cheese loaf (hey 2 for 5 deal the best) and last stop is the Hummus man!!!! Ok this hummus guy is sooo good all fresh,ton of garlic, and full of flavor… this week we got artichoke and spinach hummus , some fresh tabouleh, and whole wheat pita bread….. Let me just say between me and my two girls , we ate four pitas and hummus just at the park and when we got home we ate two pitas and some more hummus….

So after putting a load in the wash and remember we have one more pita and just the right amount of hummus for a light snack before lunch:)



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