Foodie Pen Pal Reveal Day

Today is reveal day for Foodie Pen Pal 🙂

                      I enjoy meet fellow foodies all time … So to come across a foodie pen pal group like this one , I was so excited to find them… So me and my pen pal Carly ( Hi Carly) put together fall goodies for each other and sent them out to each other… Carly got hers first and she wrote me a wonderful thank you letter for the goodies… The letter made me smile went I read it.  From there I know my package would be on its way and it made it to my door that Friday … but only to be stolen off my front steps… I didn’t know it had been stolen, I thought that the package got lost in the mail or the mail was running behind on delivering , So I talked to Carly and she was able to track the package down and showed me that it was delivered last week on the 18th around 2:00 in the afternoon… The mailman never knocked or ring the door bell, just left at in front of the door … Crazy part is, I was home during that time and Somebody really had the gusts to take it of my steps…. Well that’s my foodie pen pal reveal for the month of October! Here’s a picture of what I sent Carly!IMG_20131014_121502


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