Baking it Foward Tin

I got this package in the mail yesterday…. I was like I didn’t order anything , sitting here opening it the box maybe my husband brought me something, so I opened the box a little faster… Maybe it was a new paddle for my kitchen aid:) but when I got the box opened I was surprised to see a empty cookie tin, in the tin was a coupon for a Free Imperial/ Dixie Sugar Bag. Cool right a free 4pounds of sugar I’ll take that anytime… Now I looked at the tin closer and read what was on the tin…  Imperial Bake it Forward Sugar Company and on the side of the tin says 1. Bake a Batch of homemade treats  2. Send them to someone who needs an unexpected smile  3. Visit to track your tin around the world

Now I don’t know how I got signed up for this but I loving this bake it forward idea:) So will be mailing this tin out soon:)



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