Long time No Seek!

Ok I been away to long,doing nothing really….The summer was so hot and we didn’t go anywhere big for the summer, just the library and a few movies with the girls which was nice and the kids had no complains… We just found out we going to able to buy a house which is going to be great, I’m so ready to move into this house we found. So We just waiting on the keys and God to move! So, how is everyone feeling how the holidays coming? I know Halloween is Friday and the shopping season is a upon us! Let me just say I started in two months ago so I only got two of my girls to finish shopping for… I started baking again, which makes me so happy that I can turn the oven on without everyone complaining about the heat… I tell you if you don’t have crockpot go and runs to the store and buy one best thing ever!!!  I made some Halloween rolled sugar cookies and this time I decided to try my luck and decorated them royal icing style which was fun, I just need more practice.

Oh yea, If you’re a food blogger & haven’t signed up for the #fbcookieswap yet, get your butt over to fbcookieswap.com before 11/2!  What a great to support plus the great cookie mail you get!

Also Sign up for Bakin’ Friends for next month, We are trying to get this group bigger ! So if you are interested contact Leah MacKenzie @  leahmarie.mackenzie@gmail.com Go check out her blog mackenziememories4.blogspot.com for more infro.

Well today I plan on making some candy corn popcorn, I wish I had some butter I’m out and got to wait until pay day! Until I write again, have a god bless day!


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